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La Canfora: Titans RB Chris Johnson Prepared to Holdout "As Long As It Takes"

NFL Net's @JasonLaCanfora on #Titans RB Chris Johnson: "He's prepared to sit out as long as it takes." Suggests CJ wants $30M guaranteed.less than a minute ago via Seesmic Desktop Favorite Retweet Reply

I keep waiting for Chris Johnson to announce on Twitter that he is ending his holdout and reporting to camp. Apparently that isn't going to happen anytime soon because Jason La Canfora is reporting that CJ is willing to sit out as long as it takes to get the money that he wants.

I think we all agree that Johnson has outplayed the $800,000 he is due this year and deserves to get paid. The only question is how much.

I really hope the two sides aren't just sitting idly while the Titans stick to their you have to be here before we will talk, and CJ sits in Orlando because his only leverage is not being here.

Both sides would do good to realize how much they need each other. This football team stinks without #28 on it, and he makes no money if he doesn't play.

Just like with the NFL lockout, this is going to get done eventually, so there is no reason for the two sides not to just get in a room and get it done.