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Your Tennessee Titans and Fantasy Football

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This could be the biggest year for Tennessee Titans players in fantasy football ever. I try not to over-draft Titans players, but it is more fun when I have one or two on my team. The problem with that over the last few years is there hasn't been anyone besides Chris Johnson worth owning from the Titans. I guess you could throw Rob Bironas in there, but all kickers are the same.

This year has the potential to be the deepest year ever as far as Titans players worth having on a fantasy team goes. Of course there is CJ who is at least a to four pick, but there is also Kenny Britt and Jared Cook.

The story with Britt from a fantasy perspective is the same as a real-life perspective- high risk/high reward. He could finally have that breakout season we have all been waiting for, or he could pull his hamstring in a fight at Karma before the season starts.

Cook is the sleeper of the year. He is going to go way to early in any draft you have with Titans fans, but if you are in a league with a bunch of people that aren't Titans fans you can get him late and he could provide some solid value.

Also, I will be sending emails later this week about the Official MCM Fantasy Football League.

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