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Jacob Ford On His Return to the Tennessee Titans

As I mentioned yesterday, Jacob Ford has agreed to terms with the Tennessee Titans on a 1-year deal. The official site has this video of him talking about his return to the team. It is crazy that as of yesterday afternoon he hadn't been able to talk to the coaches on a team that he has been with for 4 years. He said the only thing he had really heard was that the coaches were wanting to get bigger across the defensive line.

Ford said he was relieved to have a destination. He has been rehabbing at Baptist this offseason and said the toughest part about it was the uncertainty. Ford said he had a couple of offers from other teams but that ultimately he wanted to be back here.

He mentioned that there had been a complete change in the locker room and said that was a good thing.

Ford can be a very valuable piece the puzzle. He will excel as a situational pass rusher.