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Titans vs. Rams: What to Watch For on Offense

Mike Munchak said yesterday that he expects the starters to play almost the entire first half. That means we will get a more extended look at Matt Hasselbeck's grasp of the offense. He led a really good drive last week. Hopefully we will see more of the same tomorrow night.

I will still be watching the receivers closely with the hopes that enough guys can step up and get Justin Gage off this team. That means guys like Damian Williams, Lavelle Hawkins and Marc Mariani need to step-up and make some plays.

Jamie Harper will get most of the carries with the first team, and he needs to prove that he can run like the big back they drafted him to be. He looked timid last week. Stafon Johnson is going to get the opportunity to prove he is more than just a good story. I don't think he makes the team, but he is going to get every shot to prove his case with Chris Johnson holding out and Javon Ringer out with an injury.

Mike Otto will get to run with the first team on the offensive line because of the injury to David Stewart. He needs to prove he is a viable option if a guy goes down during the regular season.

And, of course, Jake Locker will put on a show like he did last week.