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Titans vs. Rams: Keep the Momentum Going

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Later today I will have some more specific things that I would like to see from the Tennessee Titans in this game on both sides of the ball, but I think the most important thing for the Titans to accomplish against the St. Louis Rams tomorrow night will be to keep the momentum going that they have built in camp and with last Saturday's performance against the Vikings. On the field, there have been nothing but positive feelings surrounding this team so far- the practices have been crisp, the rookies have been good, and the defense didn't commit any penalties in last week's game. It is important to keep those positive vibes going for this young team.

It doesn't take much for that momentum to slow down. Just look at the Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles. They didn't look good in a preseason game that means nothing and my Twitter feed was full of Vick being a bust and stuff like that. I have no doubt the Eagles will be able to overcome that because they are a veteran team, but it might not be as easy for a young team with a new coaching staff.

The starters are going to play a little bit longer than they did against the Vikings, so we should get a better idea of where they are at this point.  It will also be good to see how the new defense holds up against Sam Bradford and the Rams passing attack.