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Marshall Faulk Thinks Chris Johnson Should Get Elite Money

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Yesterday I talked about the Tennessee Titans needing to use Chris Johnson the way the St. Louis Rams used Marshall Faulk in the late 90s early 2000s. Jim Wyatt talked to Faulk about CJ, and Faulk did his best to help drive up CJ2K's price. Here is some of what Faulk told Wyatt:

"DeAngelo has done a good job splitting time (with Jonathan Stewart), but Chris is a featured back. So you can’t say ‘I’m going to give him a little more money than a guy who splits time with another back’ because he is not that kind of back, I’m sorry," Faulk said. "Chris is an every-down back, a full-service back. You don’t have guys like that any more, and because of that, the value for running backs has disappeared. The position has been tarnished in a sense and it’s not fair to Chris …

"There are not many guys that I sit on the edge of my seat to watch, but Chris Johnson is one of them. Nobody is doing what this kid is doing, not even close. Now is the time he should be asking for everything he is asking for."

Unfortunately for Mike Reinfeldt, Faulk really does have a point there. So if you are looking for someone to be mad at that Johnson isn't here, you know besides CJ or Reinfeldt, be mad at the Panthers for giving DeAngelo Williams way too much money.