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Kenny Britt Still Unsure If He Will Be Suspended By The NFL For Being Kenny Britt

Terry MCormick is reporting that the NFL Grand Poobahs are still debating whether or not to suspend Kenny Britt over his slew of legal run-ins from this past off-season. If you don't know what incidents I'm referring to, I have no idea how you ended up at MCM. At issue is whether the league is willing to pick a fight with the recently reformed NFLPA over disciplining players for offenses that occurred during the lockout. Why they don't have a solid answer yet I have no idea, but the team and Britt are still expecting to hear something from the league any day now. I've long said that I have serious doubts over whether the league could win a court appeal of such punishments should the NFLPA decide to challenge them. If you're barring the players from doing their job, and refusing to pay them, I can't see any way should the players be beholden to the league's vague rules of conduct.

Until we hear something official from the league, we're all stuck in the waiting game.