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Tennessee Titans Over/Under Nate Washington Catches

Nate Washington was brought here two years ago to be the deep threat the team desperately needed. He has shown flashes of being able to stretch the field, but he has also been very inconsistent catching the football. I don't expect either of those two things to change much next season.

My hope, again, is that Damian Williams can assert himself as a guy they trust so they can cut Justin Gage and move Washington inside to play the slot where he would be more dangerous.

Washington has had 47 and 42 catches in his two years with the Titans. While I do expect this team to throw the ball a little more than they have the last two years, I think there is going to be more competition for catches than there has been in the last few years.

All of that being said, I am putting his over/under about right in the middle of those two numbers at 45.5.