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Paul Kuharsky's Plan for Chris Johnson's Contract

So in case you have been under a rock for the past 8 months, Chris Johnson is holding out of Tennessee Titans training camp because he wants a new deal. There have been thrown around over the past few days and weeks. $25 million guaranteed is a number that makes sense, but it appears that CJ's camp is thinking somewhere close to $30 million.

Paul Kuharsky laid out a plan today on 3 Hour Lunch today, and posted on it here, that makes sense for both sides. The basis of the deal is that the first three years are guaranteed and would pay CJ2K $31 million.

The key for the Titans is keeping his cap number where they can manage it over the next couple of years, while the key for Johnson is to get as much guaranteed money as he can because the odds are that this will be the last big contract he signs. PK's plan here looks to accomplish both of these goals.