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Tennessee Titans Over/Under Jared Cook Catches

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Is this the year that we finally see the potential of Jared Cook. The potential that led the last regime to give up a second round pick to move up and get him (and then not be willing to put him on the field)? I am cautiously optimistic that the answer to that question is yes because Chris Palmer has made no secret that he plans on finding ways to get Cook the ball, and if you go out and watch a practice you can see that it really is something they are building the offense around.

Cook had 29 catches last year. 26, yes 26, of those 29 catches came in the final 7 games of the season, including 7 in the finale against Indy. He only had 9 catches his rookie season.

Setting the over/under for him is tough because there is obviously going to be the focus on getting him the ball, but he hasn't proven that he can put up numbers over a 16 game season yet. I am setting his number at 62.5.