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Jason Cole Says Chris Johnson Should Not Trust the Titans

Yahoo's Jason Cole wrote an article Sunday basically saying that Chris Johnson would be a fool to trust the Tennessee Titans. He cited the way the Cortland Finnegan situation was handled- basically that he was told if he reported he would get a new deal, and the was so outraged by the offer that he left camp- as the reason that CJ would be crazy to show up:

Taking the team at its word would be a bad move on the player’s part, particularly for someone who is looking for a deal in the area of $30-$35 million guaranteed that would average north of $10 million per year. Johnson sees himself as a completely unique player, well beyond the limitations of your typical running backs.

Again, the Titans aren't asking CJ2K to show up and practice. They are asking him to come to Nashville and work out a deal. If he doesn't like the way things are going he can just go back to Orlando. I don't see what the harm in doing that is.