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Dwight Schrute Thinks the Titans Need to Give Chris Johnson a New Deal

Why don't the Titans give Chris Johnson a new contract? He's earned one. Are they cheap or stupid? Or both.less than a minute ago via txt Favorite Retweet Reply

Fact: Chris Johnson is the best running back in the NFL. Fact: CJ2K is underpaid and deserves a new deal. What does that mean? It means that Dwight Schrute a.k.a Rainn Wilson thinks that they Titans would have to be dumb or cheap in order not to give him that new deal.

One is left to wonder how much attention Wilson is paying to this outside of knowing that CJ wants a new deal, but regardless, Mike Reinfeldt would be wise to listen when Dwight Schrute speaks.

Some memorable Dwight Schrute moments from The Office after the jump.