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Kenny Britt Getting Closer to 100%

It is pretty amazing how well the offense played on Saturday night considering they didn't have their two biggest offensive weapons on the field in Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt. While there is no light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to CJ, Britt seems to be pretty close to 100%. Here is what Mike Munchak had to say about Kenny's progress after today's practice:
(on Kenny Britt’s return to full-practice)

This week, the plan is to get him more into the offense; doing more things to slowly get him into more periods to see how he reacts everyday. We’ll see how the hamstring feels a day after doing a little more work. He has to get confidence in it so he can really unleash and go full speed. I think he’s getting more comfortable with that, so hopefully as the week goes on, he’ll keep getting better and better.

(on if he thinks Kenny Britt is at full speed)

With any type of injury, you kind of have that little holdback; he’s looking pretty good to me though. I mean, he looks like he’s going full speed to me, but I think he’s got another gear. That’s what makes him different, so hopefully, like I said, he won’t have any more setbacks as we move forward.

Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that he doesn't get in trouble off the field.