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Chris Johnson Wants to Be Paid as a Top Playmaker

While Titans are willing to make Johnson the highest paid RB in NFL, those close to Johnson believe he should be paid as a top playmaker.less than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

And there in lies the rub. Mike Reinfeldt said last week that they are willing to make Chris Johnson the highest paid running back in the league. The key word their being running back. CJ's camp has been pretty silent on the money issue since last year, but it has long been speculated that he wants to be paid a lot more than the top running back.

I am not going to throw CJ under the bus here because this doesn't come from him, but it is important for us to note that this thing is going away anytime soon.  The $30 million guaranteed money number has been floated out there before, and I really do think that is what CJ wants.  That is a big number that is tough to justify tying up in a running back, even one as special as Chris Johnson. 

I think/hope that there is a compromise in there somewhere that keeps this from extending into the regular season.