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Did Peter King Miss the Tennessee Titans Game Saturday?

Read this comment from Monday Morning Quarterback, and you will agree with me that there is no way that Peter King saw Jake Locker's performance against the Vikings Saturday night:

• Best performance by quarterbacks, rookie division (tie): Ryan Mallett, Cam Newton. It wasn't the numbers so much as the confidence each showed. Newton (8-of-19, 134 yards, no touchdowns or picks) was supposed to struggle in offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski's tough playbook, but he looked confident and threw the ball like he'd been there before in the Panthers' win over the Giants. Mallett (12-of-19, 164, one touchdown, no interceptions for New England) was better than that -- though you've got to be careful because he played against the Jacksonville bench. But on the five or six throws I saw, confidence and preparedness oozed, as well as his terrific arm.

Cammy was 8 of 19 and he performed better than Locker? So because Newton was supposed to be terrible, he gets points because instead of terrible he was bad? That makes a lot of sense.