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Three Down on Defense From The Tennessee Titans First Preseason Game

Here are three players who didn't help themselves on the defensive side of the ball in last night's game (this list was actually tough to compile):

  1. Frank Walker- Walker was in position to make an interception and missed it.  He is probably safe as the fourth corner on this team, but it would have been nice to see him come down with that ball.
  2. Myron Rolle- Rolle came free on a blitz and had the chance to take down his former teammate from Florida State, Christian Ponder, and wasn't able to do it.  He needs to make some of those plays if he wants to make this team (or he could just go be a doctor- probably a win, win for him either way).
  3. Gerald McRath- McRath didn't necessarily play bad, but he didn't step up and make any plays that would make the coaching staff want to move him ahead of Will Witherspoon on the depth chart.