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Three Up on Defense from the Tennessee Titans First Preseason Game

Here are the players who helped themselves on the defensive side of the ball in last night's game:


  1. Jordan Babineaux- Matt Hasselbeck referred to him as "Big Play Babs" when it was announced that the Titans had signed him, and he showed us why last night.  He made a nice read of the quarterback on his interception.  All of the young safeties on the roster would do well to learn from him.
  2. Zach Clayton- Clayton is a sixth round pick who is going to have to earn his way on to the roster.  He took some huge steps towards doing that last night.  He was all over the place and registered a nice sack.
  3. Derrick Morgan- While Morgan isn't someone that is in jeopardy of not making this team, he will be in a battle for a starting spot with William Hayes to play opposite of Jason Jones.  He had a sack last night, and more than anything it was good to see him out there running around on the knee.