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Three Down on Offense from the Tennessee Titans First Preseason Game

Here are the three players who did not help themselves in last night's game:


  1. Jamie Harper- For a guy that is supposed to be the "big back" in the offense, Harper sure didn't run the ball like one last night.  He tip-toed to the hole, was trying to bounce everything outside, and stepped out of bounds a yard short of the first down marker instead of taking on a defensive back.  He is going to need to start running the ball with some authority if he is going to make this team.
  2. Troy Kropog- He is a guy who is in a battle for one of the back-up offensive lineman spots on the roster, and he ole'd a defensive lineman that led to a sack of Jake Locker.  He was a guy that they were really high on when they drafted him two years ago, but it doesn't look like his development is going all that well.
  3. Damian Williams- You all know that D-Will is my pick for breakout player of the year on the team, but he dropped a very catchable ball last night that would have resulted in a big gain.