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Jake Locker Talks About His Touchdown Pass

Here is what Jake Locker had to say about the play that resulted in a touchdown throw to Yamon Figurs:

(on how he knew to bobble the snap on his touchdown pass )

I wish that’s how we drew it up, but yeah I wasn’t ready for that snap count. Luckily we got a fortunate bounce and it went our way.

(on what was going through his mind after the fumbled snap )

At first, I just wanted to get the ball back. Once I picked it up, I felt that we had really good protection and I kind of got outside the pocket a little bit. I was looking to either run or throw it away and I saw Yamon (Figurs) waving his arms back there by himself. Like I said, it wasn’t pretty, but it worked out for us.

(on whether coaches teach him to fall on the ball when there is a fumble )

You know, in that situation, like I said, it was my first instinct to just grab it and pick it up. Probably nine times out of 10 it’s smarter to fall on it and cut your losses it at that point. I kind of instinctively grabbed it, and like I said, luckily it worked out for us this time.