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Vikings vs. Titans Bullet Point Recap

After the jump I have posted some of my thoughts while watching the game. I thought overall it was a pretty good first outing for the new staff. I am really excited about this rookie class. A lot of guys making some big plays.

  • Lavelle Hawkins with a couple of much needed catches
  • Jamie Harper needs to hit the hole.  He is a big, punishing guy, but tonight he was running the ball timidly, and I am with Eddie, he can't step out of bounds on the run up the sideline.
  • Jason McCourty looked good on the deep ball to Bernard Berrian.  He ran step for step with him and broke up the pass.
  • Troy Kropog didn't do anything to help himself with the whiff that allowed Jake Locker to get hit in the mouth.
  • Jared Cook looked really good tonight.  If he plays well this year it is really going to make Jeff Fisher and Mike Heimerdinger look like fools for not finding ways to get him on the field last year.
  • Nice play by my boy Jurrell Casey with the forced fumble.  We have two rookies on this defense that are going to be impact players.
  • This was a preseason game and I got up and sprinted around my living room on the throw from Locker to Yamon Figurs.
  • Great anticipation by Jordan Babineaux on the pick.  Robert Johnson, Nick Schommer and Myron Rolle were not happy to see that.
  • I am really excited about this class of rookies.  Big plays tonight from Locker, Ayers, Casey and Zach Clayton.