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Vikings vs. Titans Preseason Game #1 Info

Like I said yesterday, I can't remember the last time I was this excited for a preseason game. The anticipation of seeing what the new coaching staff, the new quarterbacks and Akeem Ayers will do is killing me. I won't be watching the game live because we will be at the Sounds game tonight, but I will be DVRing (that's not a word) it and watching it later.

The game is at LP Field tonight and is scheduled to kickoff at 7 PM Central time. The game thread here will post at 6 PM. The game will be televised in Nashville on WKRN Channel 2. Mike Munchak said that he anticipates the starters playing 12-15 plays. Hasselbeck will probably play a little bit less than that so Jake Locker can get some snaps behind the first team offensive line.

Be sure and check back in here during the game to discuss what is going on and after the game for a breakdown and analysis.