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MCM Friday Night Open Thread

There are five preseason games tonight:

  1. Dolphins @ Falcons
  2. Bengals @ Lions
  3. Steelers @ Redskins
  4. Buccaneers @ Chiefs
  5. 49ers @ Saints

A thought on each game:

  1. I cannot wait to watch Julio Jones light the Dolphins secondary on fire.
  2. The Lions are my favorite NFL team that isn't located in the city of Nashville. 
  3. I hate the Steelers and hope they never win a game- preseason or otherwise.
  4. The Bucs vs. Chiefs game is nationally televised on FOX.  The Bucs used to be my favorite NFC team before Jim Schwartz went to Detroit.
  5. The Jim Harbaugh era starts tonight.  I wonder if they will tank preseason games in hopes of getting Andrew Luck.

Use this thread to discuss those games, or anything else you feel like discussing while you are killing time waiting for the Titans to debut their new era tomorrow night. I don't think I have ever been this excited about the preseason.