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Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt Will Join the Wake-Up Zone this Morning

Tennessee Titans general manager Mike Reinfeldt is scheduled to join the Wake-Up Zone this morning presumably to talk about the Chris Johnson holdout. You can listen live here. I am planning on recording the interview and posting it for everyone to read sometime before lunch for those that cannot listen.

After thinking about this overnight I have changed my feelings a on it a little bit. While I still think there is a better way than the Titans saying "We won't talk to you until you come here," and CJ's camp saying "We aren't coming there until we have a new deal," I no longer feel that it should be up to Reinfeldt to make all of the concessions. Johnson should be willing to show up here once there is a framework for a deal in place. He doesn't have to practice, but he can at least be at Baptist Sports Park going through meetings with the team. I don't expect him to do that if there have been no talks, but if the two sides are just a few million apart there is no reason for him not to do that.

If he does come up here and Reinfeldt starts to drag his feet, CJ can simply get on a plane and head back to Orlando. As Thom Abraham said yesterday, planes go both ways from the Nashville Airport.

More than anything, I hate watching the two sides jockey for position in the media. That isn't helping at all. Shut up and get a deal done.