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Mike Munchak on Playing Time in the Preseason Opener

Mike Munchak was asked today about how much the starters would play in the preseason opener. He said there isn't a set number of plays, but that he didn't think it was worth even putting the pads on if you weren't going to play at least a dozen plays:

Well usually with me and the offensive line, it’s not worth putting your equipment on if you aren’t going to do a dozen plays or so. Lineman, I think you always look in that 15-play range. I don’t think it’s a group thing. You don’t just say ‘ok, first team is out on defense, first team is out on offense,’ you may pull out the first team and pull off six or seven of those guys after so many plays and let a few more of them keep playing.

He also said that we will get to see Jake Locker for a good chunk of time:

I just think play-wise, there is not a magic number there. He is going to play more than Matt (Hasselbeck) will, and Matt (Hasselbeck) will start it and we will see how it goes. You might have a great drive, you might have a 14-play drive and now it’s time. You don’t know how it’s going to go. If he has a three-and-out, you might say, ‘well, let’s get another one.’ I think it’s a feel thing as the game goes. Anyone that’s competitive, you want to go out there and win and play well, so you kind of start adjusting as the game starts.
I cannot wait to see Locker take the field in the two-toned blue.