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Chris Johnson Says the Titans Have Not Made Him An Offer

Jim Wyatt talked to Chris Johnson this afternoon, and the Tennessee Titans running back said the team has not made him an offer. I had a feeling that was the case from the original statement Teresa Walker had from Mike Reinfeldt. He said that he was "prepared" to make an offer. That is very different from an offer being made.

As I said earlier, I don't like seeing this play out like this. Mike Reinfeldt refused to get into negotiation specifics at the press conference right before camp started. He should have done the same thing today. There is no reason to make any comment about it publicly until the deal is done.

I still think this deal is done long before the Titans ever take the field for a regular season game, but that can only happen if the two sides are talking, and it really doesn't seem like they are talking to each other very much right now.