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Chris Johnson Holdout: Mike Reinfeldt Playing PR Game Now

I told you this was coming. This is seriously like the NFL lockout all over again. Mike Reinfeldt has told the Associated Press that he is ready to make Chris Johnson the highest paid running back in the NFL. The only thing he requests is that CJ show up to finalize the extension.

This is a bunch of crap. Go to Orlando and make sure the best player on your team comes to camp. Don't try to win the standoff. It really isn't worth it.

The only other thing that could hold this up would be if CJ asks for too much money, but that doesn't appear to be the case right now. Reinfeldt didn't say anything about the details of the deal- just that he is sticking to his ridiculous statement that they won't negotiate with him until he is here.

The most frustrating thing about the lockout was watching the two sides negotiate for fan approval in the media instead of negotiating with each other. Here we go again.

Hey Mike, No more statements until you are announcing the deal is done. No one cares about anything else.