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Chris Johnson's Holdout Is Unique

I have heard the argument that the Tennessee Titans front office shouldn't re-do Chris Johnson's contract because it is going to make other guys in the locker room think they deserve to get their deals re-done. Andrew Brandt of National Football Post suggested that today:

In these situations, it is never about one player; the locker room is watching. For every player whose contract is adjusted or replaced, there are going to be three others thinking they deserve similar treatment. Sure, a front office can say that this particular player is different or a special case for one reason or another, but no player ever believes that.

To be honest, any player who looks at what is going on with CJ and thinks that means he has a case for a new contract is an idiot. I am almost never in favor of a guy holding out for a new contract when he still has two years left on his deal, but this is the one exception- a guy who is clearly the best player in the league at his position and makes less than pretty much everyone else on the team.