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Titans Radio Jonathan Hutton and Mike Keith Talk About First Preseason Game

Jonathan Hutton and Mike Keith from Titans Radio had a show last night on 104.5 here in Nashville. They broke down how they think playing time will shake out for the starters amongst other things. You can listen here.

They also talked about guys who need to show something in this first preseason game. Lavelle Hawkins came up, like he always does, as a guy that needs to impress in preseason games in order to earn a spot on this roster. The Hawk is a favorite here at MCM, but it is at the point where it is time to put up or shut up. The last staff didn't trust him in game situations, but whenever they put him on the field he caught the football. Now he gets a fresh start, and we really, really need him to beat out Justin Gage.

They also talked about Jovan Haye. He is due $3.7 million this year. He is going to have to prove that he can play about $2 million better than a guy like Zach Clayton or he won't make this team.

I can't watch just any preseason game, but I love watching Titans preseason games because there are so many of these battles that as a fan I really care about.