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Eddie George Takes the Titans Front Office to Task For Chris Johnson Holdout

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Eddie George was out at practice today, and he sure looks like he could still suit up and play. Jim Wyatt talked to him after practice, and he had some pretty strong opinions on the contract negotiations between Chris Johnson and the Titans front office. Here is some of what he told Wyatt:

"Right now nobody is talking, and we don’t have time for that. Mike Munchak is doing all he can to put his thumbprint on the organization and Chris is his best player," George said.

"It definitely behooves everybody to make him happy so everybody can win. Does he deserve a new contract? Absolutely he does. He has outperformed his other one. It’s now time to stop messing around and get the deal done."

That last line is the money quote. This thing could be done already if the two sides would stop screwing around.

Thanks to Prattrick for posting this article in the fanshots.