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Mike Munchak Talks About the Young Defensive Lineman

Last year the Tennessee Titans were thin in numbers and in size on the defensive line.  That doesn't appear to be the case this year.  They added a lot of bulk in the draft, and those guys seem to be playing really well early on in camp.

Mike Munchak talked about the young defensive lineman after practice today.

(on if the rookie defensive lineman are playing with the ones for experience or because they are playing so well)
Well I think first it’s for the experience, and we want to see those guys go against our number one offensive line. we don’t want them to just be going against the young rookies so I think that’s part of the plan. When you do that, when you give a guy an opportunity like say a Karl Klug, and all of the sudden he goes in and does well and shows up and makes some plays, then you are going to give him more opportunities with that group. Like I said, it’s not where guys are practicing, that doesn’t mean a whole lot as far as how things are going to be in Jacksonville, but I think it’s important. If he wasn’t doing well we wouldn’t keep him in those spots. So he is doing a nice job. (Jurrell) Casey is doing a nice job inside; he is doing exactly what we ask him to do. He has been getting some penetration, making some plays, showing he has some pass rush ability to him also. (Zach) Clayton, a seventh-round pick doing what we thought. He is a big nose tackle in there, has more wiggle than maybe people thought and he can put a little pressure on the quarterback. Three good players, we thought that when we drafted them, we were excited. 10 days into camp they are who we thought they were. Practice is one thing as we all know, and how they perform in a game against other people is another, so they will get a chance to experience that on Saturday.

I am excited to see what these guys do on Saturday night.