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Kenny Britt Participates in Full Practice

Tennessee Ttians WR Kenny Britt participated in his first full practice of camp yesterday. The fact that he showed up to camp with a hamstring injury wasn't surprising. Part of me wanted to rip him again for showing up and not being ready to go, but the team kept saying it was more of a precautionary measure than anything else so I haven't said much about it. As long as he gets a good amount of work in with Matt Hasselbeck before the regular season there shouldn't be any long-term ramifications. I doubt we see him play Saturday night.

Here was what head coach Mike Munchak had to say about Britt finally practicing:

(on how the coaches will ease Kenny Britt back into practice)

Yeah, he was in pads today, so he’s getting comfortable doing more and more, and that was our plan. A little more each day and he’s been responding well. His hamstring is doing well, so we’ll continue that tomorrow and then have him for the weekend.

(on being cautious with Kenny Britt’s hamstring )

We will be because in the past he’s had a history of having issues that have forced him to miss a lot of football time. We are trying to avoid that with him and we’ve done the same thing with other guys that have had those injuries. We’re being cautious, but he looks pretty good.