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Tennessee Titans Coach Mike Munchak on Jake Locker In Camp So Far

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Here is what Mike Munchak had to say about how rookie QB Jake Locker has performed in camp so far:

Like I said, he is doing a nice job. He is being coached. Chris is on him, putting a lot of pressure on him. With having him call the plays listening through the helmet and calling it on the wrist band, so he has kind of been thrown in there. Practices have been quick. We have been getting through practice I think with a good tempo. He is handling himself well. He doesn’t get down when you are on him. When he makes a bad throw, or does something wrong, or misses a check, he handles it real well. That’s something we saw in him, and we are seeing it out here already.

The one thing everyone keeps saying about Locker is how well he handles everything that is thrown at him. Again, I know there is a lot more to playing QB than mental make-up, but Locker gets what it takes to be a franchise QB. Watching him develop is going to be fun.

The only other real development from today is that Kenny Britt still wasn't on the practice field, but he did work on a side field with trainers for the first time.  That is a step in the right direction.

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