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PFF: Daniel Graham is One of the Best Pass Blocking Tight Ends in NFL

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Daniel Graham was one of the best pass blocking tight ends in the NFL last season according to Pro Football Focus. They have Graham only allowing six pressures on his 241 snaps as a blocker on passing plays. In fact, he lead the league in pass blocking snaps by a tight end.  From PFF:

Logically, we’ll first bring forth one of those things that only we jot down as part of our analysis process. Which players stayed into pass protect most often? Topping them all was Daniel Graham. The Broncos were pretty keen on keeping him in, with Graham left into pass block on 41.02% of his passing plays. That percentage was enough to keep him ahead of Brandon Manumaleuna who stayed in on 68.07% of the time but was in on far fewer passing snaps than Graham who rarely came off the field.

So while Graham is staying in to protect the quarterback, Jared Cook can be running by defenders and scoring touchdowns. Cue the WE WIN! sign from StPrattrick.