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New Tennessee Titans QB Matt Hasselbeck Is Very High On Jared Cook

Matt Hasselbeck joined the Wake-Up Zone on 104.5 The Zone here in Nashville this morning and had a lot of interesting things to say. I will hit some quick highlights on what he said after the jump, but I wanted to really focus on what he said about TE Jared Cook. Cook is a guy that we as fans are excited about, and it seems like Hasselbeck is just as excited to have Cook as a weapon.

To set up the quote, Hasselbeck was asked about the weapons he had around him, and he gave an example from practice yesterday:

Jared Cook as an example- he's a tight end and he was matched up on somebody yesterday. It was a decent match-up and I thought maybe I'd go there to the TE or maybe I'd go to the receiver, and then I watched Cook run by this guy, just run by him, and I was like OK Cook can run.

It's nice to know what your tight ends can do. I think the TEs are really the focal point of any offense. The guys that don't get credit but can really make suff happen for the guys outside and the guys inside- completions, security blankets, that type of thing.

Cook can play, and I know Chris Palmer feels the same way I do.

The more I read about what Palmer is doing with Cook, the more apparent it becomes that he is going to be a focal part of this offense. I am just really glad that Cook is going to get to prove whether or not he can play. We won't have to take the coaches word for it whether he is ready or not.A few more highlights from the interview after the jump.

  • He said the toughest thing about the transition is learning the verbage of the offense.  He even said he has been practicing the cadence in front of the mirror like he did in high school.
  • He talked about the importance of the QB knowing what every player does on every play.  That will be a nice change.
  • He his conversation with Mike Munchak was what really swayed him to want to come to Tennessee.
  • He and Jake Locker already know each other.  He talked about how good of a guy Locker is, and he said he is excited to have the opportunity to "pay it forward" and help a young guy like guys helped him.
  • He also said that the competition between the 4 QBs in camp has been fun, and that they only have 1 car here between the 4 of them right now.