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Tennessee Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak on Kerry Collins

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The official Twitter feed for the Tennessee Titans has released this statement from Mike Munchak on Kerry Collins who retired today after 16 seasons in the NFL:

"HC Mike Munchak on Kerry Collins:"Kerry had a great NFL career and we have been very fortunate to have had him with our organization for the last five years. I really enjoyed working with him. He was a true pro, who loved the game. His work ethic and commitment were a great example to his teammates of what it took to be successful in this league."

Here is what Mike Reinfeldt had to say about Collins:

Kerry accomplished a great deal in his career both personally and as the leader of some great teams. He was a talented passer and became a true professional. We were fortunate to have him as a member of our team over the last 5 years and we wish him and his family the best.