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Blaine Bishop Says It Is Time for the Titans Leaders to Step Up

John Glennon had an interview yesterday with former Tennessee Titans safety Blaine Bishop. Bishop said he thinks some players were too worried about being liked instead of being leaders. Bishop said that wasn't something that he worried about when he was captain of the defense:

"I was captain of the defense, but I wanted to win. I was competitive. If I said something you didn’t like, you could let me know. But at the end of the day, I’m doing what’s best for the team."

That was probably one of the problems last year, but I think there is another element of leadership that has been overlooked by a lot of people- you have to be playing well on the field for people to listen. It would have been hard for a guy like Chris Hope, who has been a leader on the defense in the past, to get in someone's faced when they missed an assignment because he was missing so many of his own.

Cortland Finnegan is a guy who has stepped up as a leader this offseason, but he also had a tough time on the field last season.

Best case scenario for the Titans is that Jake Locker comes in, plays well, and becomes the leader that this team desperately needs.