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Matt Williamson Says Titans Should Bring In Donovan McNabb

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Matt Williamson of joined The Wake-up Zone on 104.5 this morning to talk about the NFL and the Tennessee Titans. Paul Kuharsky asked him who he thought the Titans should bring in as their veteran QB to tutor Jake Locker. Williamson said that he thought Donovan McNabb would be a good fit for that role because he thinks they are similar quarterbacks.

He said bringing in a guy with a similar skill set to Locker would mean that you wouldn't have to scrap the whole game plan in the case of an injury. He also compared McNabb to Locker because he is a guy who had great movement skills earlier in his career and had accuracy issues at times. Donovan is also a guy that knows what it takes to succeed in the NFL.

There are a few obstacles when it comes to McNabb- One is that he is currently under contract for 2011, so if the Redskins don't decide to release him the Titans would have to give up a pick to get him. That isn't something I see them wanting to do.

The second is that he might not see himself as a guy that is just a mentor at this point.

Williamson also talked about Matt Hasselbeck vs. Kerry Collins saying that Hasselbeck is ideal if you want to run a west coast type offense.

He did say that Collins is more of the down field passer but wouldn't be a great mentor for Locker because he is a statue.