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Lombardi Takes Aim at Jake Locker's Accuracy

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Paul Kuharsky has a post today about some things's Michael Lombardi said about different players in the AFC South on Bill Simmons's podcast. Lombardi said that he thinks Jake Locker is going to struggle because of his accuracy issues:

"I think Jake Locker’s accuracy is really going to put him behind the eight ball."

I can't wait until this stupid lockout is over so we can see Locker work with Chris Palmer and the rest of the Titans' coaching staff. I still believe that Locker's accuracy issues are a result of poor mechanics, and that he has been working on those mechanics during the work stoppage with Ken O'Brien.

Lombardi also went on to say that he doesn't buy that relying heavily on Chris Johnson won't work because it is going to make teams stack the box.  That seems like a pretty obvious point to me.  Teams are going to stack the box against the Titans until they prove they can throw the ball regardless of who is playing quarterback, and the Eagles proved last year that they will continue to stack the box even if the Titans prove they can throw.