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What Should the Titans Expect from Kenny Britt in 2011?

You can't talk about Kenny Britt without talking about a likely suspension. We don't yet know if Roger Goodell will be taking disciplinary actions against players who have gotten into trouble with the law during the lockout, but I have a suspicion that Mike Munchak will hand down a suspension to Britt even if Goodell doesn't. My guess is that Britt will miss anywhere from 2-4 games to start the season (2 if Munchak makes the call, 4 if it is Goodell).

What we do know is that when Britt is on the field he has the potential to be one of the most dangerous receivers in all of football. Last season Britt had 775 yards receiving and 9 touchdowns in 10 games. The sky is the limit for him if he can ever get his head straight off the field.

The other problem with Britt is his conditioning, or lack thereof, has kept him from staying healthy. He was out of shape when he showed up to camp his rookie year, and there were rumblings that not riding the stationary bike during the week 8 game at San Diego last year contributed to his hamstring tear that caused him to miss 5 weeks.

It is impossible to predict what his numbers will be with all of the uncertainty surrounding a suspension, but I think we see another year where he plays in 10 games and puts up close to 700 yards with 5-7 TDs.