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I Really Miss Free Agency.

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Despite the fact that the Titans haven't been terribly active in the big scramble for impact players in recent years, I really do miss seeing established stars find new homes or sign for a hometown discount in hopes of bringing glory to a franchise that's shown him loyalty through the years. I'm not confident that the Titans will make a big splash this year either, but it's always nice to speculate.

Trevor2013 came out with a handy-dandy free agent list not too long ago and it got me thinking that maybe signing a few solid players on defense wouldn't necessarily be an awful idea. I'm still a supporter of starting Ayers from day one and inserting McCarthy and Curran in later in the year, but I've also always been a fan of Ernie Sims of the Eagles for a long time now. He's got excellent speed, plays sideline-to-sideline, and is a ferocious hitter. While he's never been terrific in man coverage, he's steadily improved as a zone defender, utilizing his speed and quickness to cover a lot of ground after dropping back. I think a large part of the reason that he hasn't lived up to the massive hype of being the ninth overall pick is because he's consistently on the field more than anyone else in the league. The Lions have always had bad defenses while Sims has been in the league and, while the change of scenery in Philly may have helped him, he plays extremely hard which can lead to him getting beaten up. 

Paul Posluszny has been decent when healthy, but he gets hurt too often for my liking. 

As far as the secondary goes, I'm all for bringing in help for my new cause celebre, Robert Johnson. I'm not a fan of Bernard Pollard or Deon Grant, but Daniel Manning has always intrigued me. He's not an overly physical player, but maybe Michael Griffin has been looking extremely unpredictable in pass coverage lately, maybe a move to the strong safety spot wouldn't hurt? I don't want to mess with the defense too much, all of this talk of moving this player to this spot in this situation is nothing more than a pipe dream, I'm just spitballin' here. All in all, I think we'd be just as well off seeing what Johnson's got from day one and getting Fuller some more reps in the nickel. 

So what's the word MCM, who do you want to see, if anyone, signed in free agency this year?