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In Memory of Steve McNair

It is impossible for the 4th of July to come and go now without thinking about the tragic death of Steve McNair. I will never forget being on a boat that day and picking up my phone and seeing that I had voicemails from my dad, August and Gramsey. I didn't know what had happened, but I knew that it was Titans related. I talked to my dad and he told me the news. I was shocked. It was the first sports hero of mine that had died.

I remember it became more bizarre and more shocking as the night went along and the details surfaced. I remember sitting on the floor in my bedroom with the computer on my lap trying to put into words what I was feeling at the time.

I am still shocked at how much it stings when I think about that day and hear other people tell stories about what they remember about the day.

No one is proud of the circumstances surrounding his death, but that doesn't erase all of the good he did in the community during his life. He gave a lot of kids opportunities they wouldn't have had otherwise through the money and time that he donated to The Boys and Girls Club. He packed a trailer full of goods to send to relief of the victims of Katrina, and this blog was full of stories of times when people had ran into him somewhere and he took the time to stop and talk to them, sign something, or take a picture.

I will never forget him for the warrior that he was on the football, and what he meant to the city of Nashville during the Super Bowl run in 1999. I don't think the Titans would have the sell out streak they have today had it not been for the heroics of Air McNair.

So today while you are spending time with your family and friends and remembering all of the people who have given their lives to make this great nation free, take some time to think about Steve McNair's boys.  This has to be an especially hard day for them.