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Report: Tennessee Titans Interested in Braylon Edwards

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Gary Myers of New York Daily News tweeted last night that the Titans are interested in former Cleveland Browns and New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards. This would be an interesting move for the Titans. Edwards would come with some baggage, but if you can get him to focus he can be star- sound like anyone else you know?

Of course we don't know how deep this interest is. None of the guys that cover the Titans have said anything about it, so it makes me wonder if it was just a case of Mike Reinfeldt making a call to an agent just to see where they were.

Myers says that the Vikings, Bears and Redskins are also interested in Edwards.

The whole big name free agent receiver thing has never really worked out for the Titans, but for the right money, Edwards is a guy that could page huge dividends. He had a huge season back in 2007 when he caught 80 passes for 1,289 yards and 16 touchdowns. His number haven't been that prolific since but were still solid in 2010 when he posted 53/904/7.