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Tennessee Titans Sign Former Buccaneers LB Barrett Ruud

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Last night I pointed out a Terry McCormick report that the Tennessee Titans were interested in LB Barrett Ruud. Tonight multiple media outlets are reporting that the Titans have signed the 6-year veteran to a contract. This move signifies the end of the Stephen Tulloch's tenure in Tennessee.

Rudd told Jim Wyatt he is excited about the opportunity:

"I found some mutual interest, which was good,’’ Ruud said. "I am really excited it worked out this way. I plan to come in and learn (defensive coordinator) Jerry Gray’s system and just roll with it.’’

I would be interested to know how the whole thing went down with Tully because Mike Reinfeldt said at yesterday's press conference that the Titans had offered him a contract.

The middle linebacker battle is going to be an interesting one in camp. Ruud will be in a three way battle with Rennie Curran who is entering his second year with the club and rookie Colin McCarthy. Some people have questioned if Curran would fit in Gray's system, but I heard an interview with Gray the other day where he said smaller linebackers were OK in his system if he had big guys up front, which the Titans do now.