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Tennessee Titans Sign Guard Leroy Harris To Two-Year Deal

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After losing out on the best Guards on the free agent market, the Titans have reached a two-year deal with Leroy Harris. Harris, a fourth round pick in the 2007 draft, has already appeared in 51 games as a Titan. Harris appeared to be the successor in waiting for Kevin Mawae's spot at center, but when the team opted not to bring back Mawae last season it was Eugene Amano who took over the spot, with Harris shifting to left guard.
It was not a move that fit him well.

Harris struggled mightily at LG last season. While Amano was a horror show at center through the first half of the season, at least he appeared to get a better grip on playing center as the year went on. Harris, however, seemed to constantly struggle with picking up his assignments and working in unison with Roos and Amano. 

When PFF rated out every guard in the NFL who had enough snaps last year to qualify, only three guys posted worse scores than Harris.

I'm going to guess that's the reason he's only getting a two-year deal, despite being a guy the coaches had pegged as a future solid starter for years now. The value of the contract hasn't been released yet, but I can't imagine it being worth more than $2 million a year.


What this move guarantees is that the Titans will start 2011 with the same front five that started 2010. Munchak has always preached that continuity from year to year among offensive lines breeds familiarity, comfort and (ultimately) success. Munch now has to bank on a better year from the whole unit, or this team is dead before Columbus Day.