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Mike Munchak Has No Plans to Discipline Kenny Britt

Another thing that came out of yesterday's press conference with Tennessee Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt and head coach Mike Munchak is that Munch has no plans to discipline Kenny Britt. He said that he and Britt sat down and talked. Munchak said he made it clear to Kenny what is expected of him going forward. It is a little surprising that Munch isn't going to discipline him, but I expect some pretty clear terms were set out for what happens if there are any more incidents.

My hope is that Britt has put all of that stuff behind him and that is the last conversation they ever have about anything that happens off the field.

Reinfeldt also talked specifically about Derrick Mason yesterday saying that he is a guy the team would be interested in.  I love the idea of having D-Mase in this camp pushing guys like Damian Williams and Nate Washington for a job.  I also think he would be a positive influence on Britt.

Some people don't like the idea of bring Mason in because it stunts the growth of the young receivers on the team, but I say let them try and beat him out for a job.  Let the best guy play.

Mason said on The Afternoon Press Box on 560 AM here in Nashville the other day that the Titans are a team he would consider.  Of course he is going to say that, but does he mean it?  He has to be at the point where he wants to play for a contender because he probably only has two year left at the most to get a ring.  

D-Mase is familiar with this coaching staff because most of them were coaches here when he played for the team.  It could say something if he is willing to come play for these guys.