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Report: Tennessee Titans Interested in LB Barrett Ruud

Terry McCormick is reporting that the Tennessee Titans are interested in Tampa Bay Buccaneers LB Barrett Ruud. He was a 2nd round pick of the Bucs back in 2005.

Ruud is obviously an alternative to Stephen Tulloch if the Titans aren't able to re-sign him. The guys at Pro Football Focus say we would get a new appreciation for Tully if we sign Ruud. I understand that Tully is good against the run, but he just isn't good in pass coverage.

My guess is that the Titans preference at this point would be to re-sign Tulloch, but they won't give him outrageous money. Tully's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, tweeted this message earlier today:

The Detroit Lions have never offered Stephen Tulloch a $10 million signing bonus or contract worth $6 million per year.

I am not sure what the point in that was.

One thing is for sure, some of this stuff needs to work itself out because practices start this week.