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Matt Hasselbeck Impressed By Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak

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Jim Wyatt has a good article posted on the things that Matt Hasselbeck had to say when he finally arrived in Nashville. Hasselbeck left Seattle on Wednesday with the intention of arriving here on Thursday, but flight issues delayed his arrival until today according to Wyatt.

Hasselbeck told Wyatt that he was very impressed when he talked to Titans head coach Mike Muchak:

"It all went pretty fast,’’ Hasselbeck said. "I think at first I was pretty stunned with the Seahawks’ decision to go a different way … but when the phone started ringing and teams started calling, I talked to Mike Munchak and just had a great conversation with him and got a really good feeling. I was kind of in the tank and then I was fired up and excited again. The conversation with him couldn’t have gone any better.

"I feel like he has a plan. He was confident. Even though this is his first year as head coach, he has been here and he knows the DNA of this team and this organization. I just was really impressed with him."

He also had high praise for Jake Locker:

"He’s a great kid,’’ Hasselbeck said. "We’ve hung out a few times and worked out a few times. We’ve had some good conversations. We texted each other before all this happened, after this. Initially we thought we might both end up in Seattle together, and now we’re both in Tennessee.

I think this is going end up working out really well for the Titans. Hasselbeck is here to play QB right now, but he also understands that part of the reason is to get Locker ready to play down the road.  They should be able to avoid the contentious relationship we have seen from other mentor/rookie situations.

Hasselbeck still has something left in the tank.  Assuming Chris Johnson ends up here and Kenny Britt stays out of jail, Hasselbeck is going to have the best cast around him he has ever had.  I saw a note the other day that he never had a Pro Bowl receiver to throw to while he was in Seattle.  He still put up some pretty big numbers when he was healthy.

I am starting to get a little bit afraid because I am starting to believe in this offense a little bit.