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Wyatt: The Titans and Leroy Harris Have Not Talked in Two Days

Jim Wyatt tweeted earlier today that the Tennessee Titans haven't talked to Leroy Harris's people in two days. Wyatt said in his next tweet that he is surprised it has taken this long, and I would echo that sentiment. Mike Munchak made it clear from the first day he got the job that he wanted to keep last year's offensive line together.

I don't understand what the hold up is. Harris can't be holding out for a bunch of money because of how he played last year, and I wouldn't think the Titans would be low-balling him because they have made it clear that they want him back. I still think it is just a matter of time until this gets done, but you never know when guys hit the open market.

Harvey Dahl, who I think the Titans should be giving serious considertion, is still on the open market. It wouldn't hurt the Titans to at least give him a call.

[UPDATE]- Dahl is now off the board.  He has agreed to terms with the Rams.