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Glazer: Atlanta Falcons Agree to Terms with Ray Edwards

I'm reporting the Falcons have signed Vikings DE Ray Edwards to a 5 year deal.less than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

Ray Edwards was a guy that Jim Wyatt had said the Tennessee Titans were interested in, but he is off the board now with Jay Glazer reporting that the Atlanta Falcons have agreed to a 5-year contract with him, and Glazer is rarely wrong on these things.

I still think the Titans will out there looking for a defensive end in free agency. It might just be that they end up signing one or both of their free agents, Dave Ball and Jacob Ford.  The list of available defensive ends is actually getting pretty thin.  If they can ink one of the two above and move Jason Jones outside they should be set.  

Here is a question: Should the Titans take a look at Jamaal Anderson who the Falcons released earlier today?  He was one of those workout warrior guys that went a lot higher in the draft than he should have, and it didn't work out for him in Atlanta.  I would be all about the Titans making that move if Jim Washburn hadn't left.