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Wyatt: Tennessee Titans Agree to Terms with Jake Locker

Jim Wyatt just tweeted that the Tennessee Titans and Jake Locker have agreed to terms.  Wyatt says the contract for four years plus an option and worth just over $12 million (it is crazy how much less these draft picks are getting). As Wyatt mentions in the tweet, this is really good news for the Titans. They couldn't afford to have Locker miss any time after all of the stuff he has missed this offseason because of the lockout.

The Titans are doing pretty well so far in my opinion. They got the veteran quarterback that they wanted, they have Locker and Akeem Ayers in camp from the beginning, and they added another huge defensive tackle in Shaun Smith. Those things had to be at the top of Mike Reinfeldt's checklist once the lockout was lifted. Locker's deal also means that the Titans have signed all of their draft picks with the exception of Jurrell Casey and Tommie Campbell.

Now the attention of the front office has to turn to figuring out a way to get Chris Johnson here.